Testimonials Archive - Mazak MegaStir

Innovative and Committed

“We have been working with Mazak MegaStir for 3 years now. Mazak MegaStir supported innovative solutions when we were experiencing technical welding challenges on dissimilar alloys and the demand for consistent weld quality. Working together with the team made us realize how lucky we are to have found a knowledgeable group that is vested in

Intuitive and Professional

“Working with Mazak MegaStir is a pleasure. They have been supporting our tooling needs for years. They are always responsive to our technical needs, making sure we understand potential opportunities and limitations of the process, materials, and equipment. We are very confident in their skills and appreciate their solutions.”

Responsive and Invested

“Mazak MegaStir has not only gained an understanding of our business, but they have also been able to find cutting-edge solutions that have helped our company significantly improve our product quality through Friction Stir Welding and supported us through the implementation process.”