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Diamonds Are a Friction Stir Welder’s Best Friend for Aluminum

Modern aluminum alloys are used everywhere in world around us, from car bodies to aerospace launch vehicles and from high-speed rail cars to cruise ships. Thanks to the addition of various other metals, including copper, magnesium, silicon and zinc, among others, lightweight aluminum excels in tough environments and at high temperatures, making it perfect for

Make Work Hardening Work for You With Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

As part of the HYBRID Multi-Tasking family of machine tools, Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology from Mazak MegaStir has already transformed numerous industries. Defect-free welds make it vital in high-tech applications such as semiconductor fabrication equipment, while the absence of filler wire significantly reduces the weight of welds for aerospace, automotive and marine applications. But

Mazak Technology Centers Are There For Your Manufacturing Success

Across the United States, in Canada and in Mexico, our network of Mazak Technology Centers puts our customers first so they can take fully productive, profitable advantage of their investments in Mazak manufacturing technology. Situated in key geographic locations to reach and benefit every customer, these eight wholly owned Mazak facilities offer primary resources for

Technology Plus Innovation Equals Productivity for Mazak

by Dan Janka, president of Mazak Corporation Mazak recently received the prestigious Top Plant Award from Plant Engineering magazine. The award recognized all that we’ve accomplished at our Florence, Kentucky, plant, and I’d like to take this time to share what we’ve done. At Mazak, we thought ahead to the capabilities of the Industrial Internet

Bridging the Skills Gap with MAZATROL

The world’s population is aging. In 1994, adults at or above 55 years of age were just 12 percent of the U.S. workforce; by 2024, that’s expected to more than double. By the 2030s, retirees will outnumber children and teens below 18 for the first time in America, a fact that holds true across much

Mazak Further Expands Processing Flexibility With HYBRID FSW

Some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing involve joining pieces of metal without altering their microstructure, creating substantial heat-affected zones, applying filler material or making the metal porous, especially where vastly different shapes and dissimilar metals come together. As Mazak continues to advance the flexible talents of its HYBRID Multi-Tasking machines, one of the newest

Mazak Advances HYBRID Technology with MegaStir Acquisition

MEDIA CONTACTS: Mazak Corporation Chuck Birkle Vice President, Sales and Marketing 859.342.1641 | cbirkle@mazakcorp.com or DGS Marketing Engineers® Chuck Bates Vice President 317.813.2230 | bates@dgsmarketing.com FLORENCE, Ky., December 4, 2018 – Mazak Corporation has announced its acquisition of MegaStir, a supplier of friction stir welding (FSW) tools and technology located in Provo, Utah. With the